Reconvening an IEP meeting in SESIS

SESIS allows you to update a previously finalized Individualized Education Program (IEP). However, an IEP can only be updated if the student's parents or guardians provide consent.

There are four different ways to update a finalized IEP:

For a complete explanation of IEP amendments, refer to pages 72-73 of the Standard Operation Procedures Manual (SOPM), which can be found in the SESIS Help menu and on the DOE website.

The following are general guidelines:

Amendments Reconvenes
Modify a current-year IEP that the parent has agreed to and the student has been receiving services on.

Are required when there was no prior agreement, the IEP was never authorized, or when there are changes resulting from a legal action or mediation.

Depending on the circumstance, you can start the amendment process by creating a Notice of IEP Meeting, OR a Waiver of IEP Meeting.

A reconvene means that a change will be made to the IEP and a meeting with the parent must be held. Always use the Notice of IEP Meeting.

The Date of IEP will not change. Associated compliance dates will not change.

Compliance dates will be calculated from the date of the reconvene. When the document is finalized, the new date will appear on the IEP and Student Profile.

The parent will not be notified.

The parent must be notified.

The attendance page may be required.

The attendance page is always required.

To reconvene an IEP meeting in SESIS

  1. In SESIS, locate the student's profile.

  2. From the Actions bar, click Documents.

    A list of all documents for the student appears.

  3. From the Create New Document drop-down menu, choose Notice of IEP Amendment/Reconvene.

  4. Click the Go button.

  5. In the Comment field, type Reconvene.

  6. Click the Create button.

    The Notice of IEP Amendment/Reconvene appears.

  7. In the Date field, type today's date.

  8. From the Type of Notice drop-down menu, choose Reconvene of IEP Meeting.

  9. Complete the rest of the form as appropriate.

  10. Click the Save, Done Editing button.

  11. Finalize the document.

  12. From the Actions bar, click Send/Print Letter.

  13. Click the Accept/Print button.

    The Print dialog box appears.

  14. Choose the appropriate printer and click the OK button.

    The letter prints.

  15. Send the notice to the student's parents or guardians.

  16. Finalize the Notice of IEP Meeting: Amendment/Reconvene document.

  17. From the Actions bar, click Documents.

    A list of all documents for the student appears.

  18. Click the link for the finalized IEP that needs to be reconvened.

  19. From the Actions bar, click More Actions.

  20. From the pop-up window, click Create Revision of this Document.

  21. Click OK.

    A new copy of the IEP appears in Draft status.

  22. From the Actions bar, click the Select drop-down () icon.

  23. From the pop-up menu, click Cover Page.

  24. From the Actions bar, click Edit This Section.

  25. Next to the Date of IEP field, click the calendar () icon and choose the appropriate date for the reconvened IEP.

  26. Make all other changes to the cover page, as applicable.

  27. Click the Save, Done Editing button.

  28. Review each additional section of the IEP and make any necessary changes.

    Note: Each section must be viewed in Edit mode and saved, even if no changes are made, before the IEP may be finalized.

    Note: The IEP cannot be finalized until the Attendance Page has been faxed into the student's SESIS record using the appropriate fax coversheet.

  29. The compliance dates for the IEP will be reset when the reconvene is completed.

  30. SH7401
    Last revised: September 28, 2012