Locating a student profile in SESIS

SESIS users have access to view the profile for all students for which they are authorized. Authorization is based on a combination of the user's role and school or student affiliation.

To locate a student profile in SESIS

  1. From the Open drop-down icon (), select Students Search OR in the Quick Access box, under Students Recently Worked With, click on (Search for Other...).

  2. Type the search criteria, using one of the following methods:

  3. Tip: If your search results are too broad, type additional text until your search results are narrowed.

    Tip: If you are searching for a student that you have already worked with in SESIS, you may choose the student's name from the drop-down menu in the Actions bar.

  4. Click the Search button.

    The Student Search Results page appears.

  5. Locate the student's name from the list.

  6. Click the magnifying glass () icon next to the student's name.

    The Student Profile appears.

  7. To view additional sections of the student's profile, click the Select drop-down () icon and choose the appropriate section from the pop-up menu.

    Note: As documents are created, additional information is added to the student profile that relates to the document, such as the date a notice was sent or the date parental consent was received. This information is not editable.

    Important: Student demographic information cannot be edited in SESIS for students who attend a New York City public school program. This information is pulled from ATS and all changes must occur in ATS. For non-attending students, the CSE may edit a profile in SESIS.

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Last revised: September 20, 2012