SESIS overview

The Special Education Student Information System (SESIS) is a web-based application that assists school staff and related service providers in managing the special education process for students entering kindergarten through age 21. The following processes are managed in SESIS:

SESIS eliminates the need for much of the manual processes of copying, faxing, and using courier services for the exchange of information between all individuals involved in the process. SESIS provides most student data in real time. When an authorized individual updates a case in SESIS, the student record is automatically updated which allows all involved parties to see the most current information.

Access to student information

Student information is made available to staff and approved related service providers as appropriate. For example, principals have access to all students in their schools and psychologists have access to students on their caseloads at schools for which they provide services.

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Pre-populated student profile information

For students currently enrolled in a New York City public school, including charter schools, basic student profile information is pulled into SESIS from ATS. Corrections to student profile data (such as name, grade level, and current school) must be made in ATS. For non-attending students or students who attend an approved non-public school, profile information is added to SESIS by the Committee on Special Education (CSE).

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SESIS is designed to help users proactively manage cases. SESIS has reporting capabilities and an internal communication system, which includes a SESIS calendar and messaging system. The calendar does not currently sync with the Outlook calendar. SESIS messages can be forwarded to another email account by activating the Message Forwarding option. Users are notified of pending approvals as well as approaching deadlines and next steps via home page reports

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Last revised: December 11, 2012